Thirty Second Owl

Sometimes you have no time. Sometimes you have no passion. Sometimes life just keeps you away from your core beliefs and your souls' desires.

Don't stress. 

Just draw yourself a 30 second owl. 

It's really easy and you'll feel so much better. 

Start by drawing two eyes.

Add a triangular beak and scribble a little shading on it.

Draw a slightly curved line for the top of the head and add some pointy ear feathers- like on a Great Horned Owl. Or go earless.

Add a round body and some wing lines. I like my owls fat.

Scribble some shading, and then add the rounded talons with some scribbles where the knuckles are. (Do owls have knuckles?)

Add a little branch so the owl has something to sit on.

Voila! You're done. Don't you feel better now? I do.

I think the doctor orders a 30 second owl a day... or a 30 second dog, or cat, or - whatever your heart desires.

With Love,


  1. I love owls. They are so adorable! Thank you, you made me happier. :)


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