Inktober: a month of pen and ink

October has been converted to "Inktober" for a bunch of years thanks to a guy named Jake Parker who created this art event and offered up a list of prompts to spark imagination.

I have always loved pen and ink and since life has been very tumultuous lately: both my brother and my husband had heart attacks, I've needed a respite into the land of white paper and black lines. I have also been trying to find an editor and publisher who will give me a home as both illustrator and author again. I am from a fine art background and am trained as a professional illustrator... and since I was a child, art and story have been inextricably intertwined, however over the past five years or so, that has unraveled due to some horrendous family crises and I'm longing to tie it all back together...

This playing with concept and art was therapy for me. I hope you enjoy the results. There is one week missing because I was with my brother at the hospital for his open-heart surgery and my husband had a heart attack the night of the surgery. Everyone, including me, is healing now. The drawings are in order and include the word prompts.

This was the point that I stopped for eight days after my husband's heart attack.

The word for this one (Jackson Porcllock) was "filthy."

The prompt for this one was "blind"- I love the blues.