An Inktober Graphic Novella

Hi, it's me again. Long time no see. I just can't do all these digital things. There is too much going on in real life. However... Last October I drew or painted an octopus each day not realizing there was something called #Inktober. I started to see it popping up in my Newsfeed on Facebook, yet I started making fun of it this October 1st with this cartoon:
The next day I kept the potato theme going.
By the third day I discovered that there were actual PROMPTS for Inktober.
Then I did the next prompt.
And the next prompt...
After the fifth day, I sat there staring at the list of prompts and I realized it was a story. I've been aiming towards doing graphic novels for a while now. I used to do comics when I was a kid and teenager, but moved away to illustration and children's picture books, but I've always done cartoons in my journal and I love good, old-fashioned pen and ink... 

So I began a journey- a visual journey, using the Inktober prompts. These were all done quickly with a simple pencil sketch and no reference- they are all "out of my imagination." I didn't square things up- I wanted this to be more of a storyboard where the story is the most important part. I hope you like it. 

My Inktober message is to rescue and adopt animals... and to play visually.

Feel free to share this.

With Love,