Putting the Frame Before the Art

Sometimes it is confusing to think both visually and verbally. Sometimes you create the perfect marriage and you give birth to a picture book... or a narrative painting... or a story that paints a picture in the readers' mind so clearly that any illustration would do it a disservice.

Sometimes all you can do is find the frame.

Or the journal.

Or the cup.

You have no idea what to put in it, but you know, you sense, you intuit that someday it will hold something worthy.

Do you stare at it impatiently, angry that you can't put words on the page, paint on the surface, elixir in the vessel?

Or do you smile and feel lucky that you have a piece, a notion, a feeling that there is a possibility there for something masterful?

It's like coming up with a title and not knowing where it will take you.
Or an image that haunts your dreams.
Or that expensive gift bottle of wine that you are afraid of opening because you don't think this is the time or place to drink it.

You can keep staring- or you can start from the end and work your way to the beginning.

Open the wine.
Fill the cup.
Frame the text and paint the story.

Change the way you work and maybe it will change you.
Sometimes we have to put the frame before the art.
Here's to finding a great frame.

With Love,

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