A New Year's Card for You

Sometimes I feel like I am always behind. Yet most of the time I'm just trying to do too many things at once. I am also cursed by the "you have to make everything yourself" mantra. That was a bigger curse before computers because it involved a lot of cutting, pasting, printing- sometimes by hand, stamping... and then wondering if it was even worth the effort.

At least now I can use my scanner and a couple of Adobe products and then voila: instant creativity that I can display in cyberspace. This, by the way, is not replacing all of the cards I just printed, and still have to fold and write on, then stick in envelopes and mail. I still believe in old-fashioned mail. Every day I hope that there is something in my mailbox besides catalogs, bills and magazines that I have no time to read anymore.

There are those of you who will receive those cards. There may be folks I forgot. You may get the card in more than one way, which is also a by-product of us being too social these days. I'm using Facebook and my blog to wish everyone a happy new year. I guess the only thing I'm not doing is Twittering. I don't Twitter. I won't Twitter. Actually my New Year's resolutions- which I did not write down, are to get back to basics. Basics being: drawing, painting and writing. Yes, technology will creep in there no doubt. But... I'm going to focus on the solid stuff. I hope you have a solid year. Thank you for stopping by. Please visit often, and say "hey" when you can.

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